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I’m so excited to announce the beginning of the Kitchen Gadget Genie Blog!

Me as Kitchen GenieHello, I’m Ramona Werst, your Kitchen Gadget Genie.  This is so exciting!  Finally I’m ready to start a new blog.  Many of you have visited my other blogs with all kinds of delicious recipes.

If you haven’t visited my other blogs, you can click on the hyperlink and click on the tab ‘Recipes‘ and take a look.  Ramona’s Basil Garden; Cooking Vietnamese Food; Backyard Genie; and Real Texas Blog.

This blog is going to be different than any of my other blogs.  I am always asked what cooking equipment do I use, and would I make suggestions.  So I decided to create a blog where I talk about cooking equipment and cool Kitchen Gadgets.

  • I will be reviewing all kinds of different Kitchen Gadgets, making suggestions and also listening to your comments.
  • There will be delicious Recipes.
  • Together we’ll discuss Cooking Techniques and learn together what works and why it works.
  • And I will feature Kitchen Gadget Genie unique branded products.

My goal is to provide you with a website that you can be a part of a community where we will experience cooking adventures together!

Ramona Werst,
Your Kitchen Gadget Genie

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