Hello, I’m Ramona Werst, Your Kitchen Gadget Genie…

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So who am I?  And why do I want to be your Kitchen Gadget Genie?

Let me start by sharing with you my Lifetime Journey.  I have been on one exciting adventure after another and now I’m here!

Ramona with BasilOver 10 years ago, I discovered that I wanted to garden and blog about all my gardening experiences.  Gardening was such a broad subject and I would have gotten lost if I didn’t have a very specific direction in which to go.  I started to narrow-in and dig down to see what I was really passionate about and interested in.  I wanted to cook and share recipes with everyone.  I knew that I loved to cook with fresh Herbs.  Ok, the research confirmed it….let’s go with Herbs.

There are a lot of them to write about, so I wanted to focus on just 1 type of herb.  This took me to Basil.  I love Basil and found that there are hundreds of different varieties of Basils.  This could keep me busy for years!  So there you have it, I have been writing about Basil for over 10 years and still am.  Here is my Ramona’s Basil Garden Blog.

Ramona cooking headshotI also found that I love creating new recipes and showing how easy recipes are and how folks can prepare them and enjoy gourmet dishes from their own kitchens.  Collecting and creating recipes for a coming cookbook is also a passion.

You can find lots of delicious recipes on Real Texas Blog, a blog written by my husband who is a former Texas newspaper publisher.  He and his readers love my recipes, many with a Texas twist.

Ramona VietnameseI just couldn’t stop there.  The cooking bug really hit me, and I wanted to explore my roots.  I was born in Saigon, Vietnam and we found we love freshly prepared Vietnamese food.

I started my Cooking Vietnamese Food blog.  It’s authentic Vietnamese recipes with an American (Texan) Twist.

Did I say I just love cooking?

BackYardGenie_BoxesWe moved to the San Antonio area in 2103 and we have lots of sunshine here. Our beautiful home in West Texas was surrounded by giant pecan trees that shaded most of the property.  It was hard to garden and grow fresh veggies.

What can I do with all this beautiful sunshine here outside of San Antonio?  Garden to my hearts content!  I really wanted to share with folks how they can have an Edible Backyard.

This lead me to another blog, Backyard Genie, where I show you how you can Grow Fresh Produce in Your Own Backyard! 

I even branded my own Backyard Genie 3 piece Garden Tool set.

Yes, I have been told I have an abundance of energy.

I like to stay busy and I have lots of interests, but it all has to do with cooking and creating recipes and using the latest in Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets.

So there you have it!  This has brought me here to the Kitchen Gadget Genie.  Through all my recipes, I have been asked many times, what I suggest for different cooking gadgets and useful tools and my favorite appliances.  I have found a way to share my opinions and experiences in a way that is fun and of course will include recipes you can use.  I will show you my reviews (these are only my opinion) on different Kitchen Gadgets and I will share with you my own branded products with all kinds of delicious recipes.

FINAL_mock upIce Cream Spade

My first branded Kitchen Gadget is the Kitchen Gadget Genie Ice Cream Spade which will be available in late August of this year (2014).

I will also have a tab under ‘Recipes’ for all kinds of different unique homemade Ice Cream recipes you can make in your own kitchen for you and your family to enjoy.  They are “Ramona tested” recipes.

I hope you will venture with me on our journey to find new, fun and useful Kitchen Gadgets.

And, as always, I will be bringing you delicious recipes.

Ramona Werst,
Your Kitchen Gadget Genie