Review of Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker Attachment

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I love summertime…

UnknownSummer is the time for Homemade Ice Cream!  I remember as a child, going to my best girlfriend’s house while they made homemade ice cream.

They would carefully unpack the old-fashioned ice cream machine.  It was a container that fit inside a wooden bucket, with a handle.  We would watch her momma make the ice cream mix and then the real work would begin.

We began by pouring the mix into the canister, then fitting the lid on tightly.  Then place the canister into the wooden bucket and start layering ice with rock salt to the top.  Each of us would take turns turning the handle.  I never lasted too long because I was small and it was pretty hard to turn, but I gave it my all.  We all HAD to take turns because the rules were, ‘No churning, No ice cream!

When I married David, I didn’t really cook that much. (Look how far I’ve come! lol) I had my favorite dishes that I could make, but as far as gourmet, I was terrified of following a recipe.

Ramona with Kitchen AidThe first appliance that we bought was a Kitchen Aid Mixer. (Since then I have had a Red, and my current one is a Blue Mixer.  I am saving up for the Architect model) Along with my new mixer came the catalog book with all the attachments.

Wow!  I have always said that I’m so disappointed because there isn’t a dishwasher attachment!  I started with the different paddles.  Then the sausage maker and the slicer.

This summer it was time for the Ice Cream Attachment.  And now I’m in heaven!

FINAL_mock upKitchen Gadget Genie has her own branded Ice Cream Spade. You can get your own Kitchen Gadget Genie Ice Cream Spade, just click on the hyperlink or picture.

I have been busy creating all kinds of different homemade Ice Cream Recipes, which you can try just by hovering over the ‘Recipes‘ tab at the top and hovering over ‘Ice Cream Recipes‘.

Feel free to try them all and if you have a favorite recipe, please send it to me and I’ll add it to our recipes.


Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker Attachment 

Currently, I own the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Attachment and a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker.  I want to try other brands so I can expand on my reviews, but for now I will start with what I have.

I have found that patience is really important in making homemade ice cream.  You need to make the ice cream mix and refrigerate it for several hours.  I go ahead and refrigerate overnight to make sure it is really cold.  You also need to place the ice cream bowl attachment in the freezer for several hours.  I just keep it in the freezer all the time, this way whenever I’m ready to make ice cream, it’s ready.  I have found placing the ice cream bowl attachment all the way in the back of the freezer, freezes it faster because it’s the coldest part of the freezer.

adding ingredientsA couple of tips….

When you are ready to make ice cream, you remove the ice cream attachment, place it in the bowl groves of your Kitchen Aid Mixer, insert the paddle and attach the tool that turns the paddle.  I found out the hard way to turn on the paddle before pouring in the ice cream mix.

The reason is that the ice cream bowl is so cold that the first little ice cream mix you pour in will freeze on the walls of the ice cream bowl and the paddle won’t be able to turn.  With the paddle turning first it scrapes the ice cream mix away from the frozen bowl.

I also don’t try to mix in my added ingredients into the bowl with the paddle. I have found that it clumps up and over flows over the edge.  It’s just easier to pull out the paddle and scrape all of the ice cream into a large bowl and fold in any added ingredients.

I have also found that making ice cream in the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker produces a lighter creamy textured ice cream.  This means it actually makes more ice cream volume.

Make sure you don’t over mix the ice cream!  Once the ice cream freezes, the friction from the paddle and having the bowl outside the freezer, the bowl starts to thaw out and working your ice cream will cause it to start to thaw out and melt.  So you want to watch your ice cream and when it is at the soft serve stage, remove it from the bowl, add any extra ingredients, put in an airtight container and get it in the freezer immediately.  You will want to freeze for several hours. I always freeze overnight to make sure it’s nice and firm.  I have the perfect Kitchen Gadget Genie Ice Cream serving Spade so no worries about hard ice cream.

Some reviews complain about the noise.  It sounds just like you are mixing any other recipe, and I look at it this way…I’m in the kitchen busy making delicious food, so what’s 20 – 30 minutes of a mixing/grinding sound.  I anticipate the delicious treat that is coming my way.

Clean up is a breeze too.  Just take the paddle away from your husband, he says he’s just doing his job of cleaning the paddle.  Wash all the parts in hot soapy water and leave it all to dry.  I let the bowl totally thaw and dry, and wipe it out before placing back in the freezer.  I have found that if any water is left in the bowl, it will freeze and the paddle won’t properly work.  Also I don’t put in the dishwasher ever.  I’m sure it will break the seal and the coolant that is in the bowl will leak out. I have read several reviews about the blue leaky stuff from the bowl.  If you don’t put it in the dishwasher or leave it to soak overnight, you shouldn’t have any problems.  I have had mine for a while now and made, as you will see, several batches of delicious ice cream without a problem.

Thumbs UpIf something goes wrong with any Kitchen Aid product, they have fantastic customer service.  I have had a knob break in half, and a paddle break.  All I had to do was call Kitchen Aid and they worked with me to replace.  The first Kitchen Aid that I had, after 10 years, the motor was really noisy…I could have sent it back to have it refurbished, but they offered me a refurbished one at a really good price (the price it would have cost me to ship my old one back).  So I just replaced the older one for a newer model.  It’s 5 years old now and I really want the Architect style next! Hint, Hint!

I give the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Attachment a 5 thumbs up!  It allows me to make larger batches of ice cream, is easy to clean up and is well worth the investment.

I will show you in this video how easy it is to use the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker Attachment.  The recipe I am making is homemade Honey Walnut Ice Cream, and you can find the recipe by hovering over the ‘Recipes‘ tab and hovering over ‘Ice Cream Recipes‘.