Cherry Amaretto Chocolate Ice Cream

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It’s Cherry season!  I love fresh Cherries! I love them so much I purchase flats, pitt them and freeze them so I have cherries all year round.  I make a delicious Cherry with Pecan Jam too.

Cherry Amaretto Chocolate Ice Cream

Cherry Amaretto Chocolate Ice Cream




1 1/2 cups pitted and halved fresh Cherries
1/4 cup Sugar
3/4 cup Milk
1 3/4 cup Heavy Cream
1/2 cup Sugar
Pinch of Salt
1 Egg + 2 Egg Yolks
2 tablespoons Amaretto Liqueur
1/3 cup Dark Chocolate, shaved


Combine milk, cream, 1/4 cup of the sugar and salt in medium saucepan. Heat over medium heat to 180F degrees.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine egg, yolks, and remaining sugar. Beat for approximately 2 minutes until light yellow and thickened.

Once the milk mixture reaches 180F degrees, remove from heat. Measure 1 cup of the hot milk mixture and drizzle into the egg mixture, whisking constantly, so the egg doesn’t scramble.

Slowly whisk in the tempered egg mixture into the hot milk mixture. Put pan back on the heat and bring back to 180F degrees, stirring constantly.

Pour the ice cream mixture into a glass bowl and cool to room temperature in an ice bath. Cover with plastic wrap touching the mixture so a film won’t be created and refrigerate overnight.

Add the cherries and 1/4 cup sugar in a saucepan and heat to release juice. Using a blender or food processor…pulse to chop the cherries. Put in a bowl and refrigerate overnight.

The next day, remove the cherries and strain the juice. Using a spoon to get most of the juice out. Reserve the remaining cherry pulp.

Stir the cherry juice and amaretto into the refrigerated cream mixture.

Follow the directions for your ice cream maker. Once the ice cream is almost ready, add the cherry pulp and the shaved chocolate and churn just to combine.

Move the ice cream into an airtight container and put in the freezer until it’s the hardness you like.