Cool Tool for Thanksgiving Stuffing…

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner…

With Thanksgiving approaching, I am getting my menu and grocery list all in order.

Yes, I’m one of those people.

I don’t like the last minute rush at the grocery store and forgetting an ingredient when I’m ready to start cooking.

This year I’m using a new cool tool for getting the stuffing out of the Thanksgiving Turkey!

I have found with scooping out the stuffing, it’s not as easy as we think. ¬†Using a wooden spoon can break into splinters; using a metal spoon, the handle gets hot and is slippery.

So what cool new tool am I going to use this year?

The Kitchen Gadget Genie Ice Cream Spade!!!

  • IceCreamSpadeIt’s perfect with the ez-soft grip and the rounded shaped spoon so you don’t scrape into your turkey.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Easy Clean up.
  • Can be used scooping ice cream for your Pumpkin or Pecan Pie.
  • And a great gift if you are a guest for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Kitchen Gadget Genie Ice Cream Spade




Did I mention that it comes in a beautiful box that makes it a perfect gift?

Some of us don’t host Thanksgiving Dinner, but are guests.

I know whenever I am a guest, I like to bring something for my generous host.

What a perfect gift!  And not everyone has a utensil that can be used for scooping out the Turkey Dressing and then scoop out the ice cream for dessert.

Order your Kitchen Gadget Genie Ice Cream Spade, you have plenty of time to get it before Thanksgiving, but supply is limited.

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