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The Secret is in the soft-grip handle

….Just in time for Christmas gift season

IMG_2794What a great idea, the Kitchen Gadget Genie Ice Cream Spade as a Stocking Stuffer!

The packaging is perfect and fits well in any Christmas Stocking.

The recipient will be so surprised and will fall in love with the Worlds’ Favorite Ice Cream Spade.

Everyone will want one, so you should order several to put in everyone’s stockings.

We call our ice cream scoop – The World’s Favorite Ice Cream Spade. It’s a ‘soft grip’ Ice Cream Scoop with a spade end for easy scooping.

FINAL_mock upIt is designed to get to even hard frozen ice cream from the container to your bowl without bent spoons, sprained wrists, and lots of fuss and bother. This Ice Cream Spade has an ergonomic soft grip handle that is EZ on hands and wrist. The spade end won’t puncture ice cream container. Easily scoops frozen ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt. The World’s Favorite Ice Cream Spade is a Kitchen gift idea every home can use.  This kitchen utensil will quickly become one of your favorites in the kitchen when you have some ‘scooping’ to do with your culinary creations.  That large spade end is perfect to scoop all kinds of foods.  And look over to the side – this kitchen gadget comes in a very attractive box and it makes just the perfect gift for family and friends.  And, it is priced right for you to be able to give several on holidays, for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts for mom, and your cooking friends.


Here are some actual reviews on Amazon:

“This ice cream spade is very sturdy, perfect for firm and hard ice cream where scoops just can’t dig in. My freezer keeps ice cream too hard for my scoop to work, and I have been using a heavy butcher knife to slice through. This scoop works really well, and is much safer for my other hand and the carton. The handle is a good size, comfortable for my hands (small) and my husbands (large). There’s a ridged area for thumb purchase which stabilizes and gives extra leverage. The shape makes it easy to clean. We use it nearly every day!”

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kitchen Gadget Genie’s Ice Cream Spade!!!! Its ergonomic design helps prevent hand fatigue while scooping even the hardest ice cream. It fits my hand well. It easily scoops out the last remnants of flavorful treat no matter the shape of the container – not a bite wasted. It also works as a multipurpose kitchen gadget, including scooping out the flesh of roasted pumpkin and squash for autumn soups. A must item for all ice cream lovers and culinary enthusiasts. Consider it the “perfect” stocking stuffer!!”

“Great ice cream spade. It is by far the biggest and nicest I have ever purchased.
No more bent spoons for frozen ice cream. Can also be used for anything you need
to scoop.”

“Fits well in my hand, large scoop makes the job easier This is a multi-purpose instrument in my home I like to cook a lot of squash, this does the job fast getting the pulp out And even water melon! believe it or not I just cut in Half and scoop it out. This was a good buy for my home.”


Click here to get your own ‘soft grip’ ice cream spade at Amazon


‘Hand Picked by Ramona Werst of Kitchen Gadget Genie.’

Me as Kitchen Genie– Soft grip handle is easier on hands and wrist

– It’s great for scooping frozen ice cream and frozen salads

– And use it for Thanksgiving dressing, potato salad, cole slaw

– Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

– Buy with confidence – Give with confidence

– Beautifully designed packaging-priced right for Gift Giving to family and friends.  What a gift idea for mom!


This is not your average ice cream scoop.

We call it an Ice Cream Spade.

A lot of thought went into the ‘soft grip’ handle to make it easy on the hands and wrist. We research our Kitchen Gadgets and test them in home kitchens before putting them out for public use. This ‘soft grip’ ice cream spade was specially selected by Ramona Werst of Kitchen Gadget Genie to be added to her growing product line.

Kitchen Gadget Genie is a site that markets its own products as well as reviews other products home cooks need and use in the kitchen.  Ramona has reviewed Kitchen-Aid mixers and ice cream makers and will work her way through many other brands and manufacturers.

Kitchen utensils and kitchen gadgets are a passion of hers and the Kitchen Gadget Genie Ice Cream Spade is one of her favorite products.  Since Ramona is not a big strong person, it is difficult for her to dig out the hard frozen ice cream from her containers.  The World’s Favorite IMG_4480_webIce Cream Spade has a ‘soft grip’ handle as well as a big wide spade end to really get leverage on the frozen ice cream.  The Ice Cream Spade is large enough for Ramona to handle and the soft grip protects her wrist and hands.  She absolutely loves The World’s Favorite Ice Cream Spade.

And in addition to Kitchen Gadgets, cooking in general is her primary passion.  When the TV is on, she is more often than not watching the cooking channel, Cutthroat Kitchen, Chopped, Master Chef, or Hell’s Kitchen.  At night she reads cookbooks and puts those ‘sticky’ flags on the pages that have her favorite recipes.

Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

photo 4On this blog, Ramona will show you step-by-step how to make your own delicious ice cream in your home kitchen.  That’s right!  Your family can enjoy their favorite ingredients and it is so easy to customize each ice cream recipe to your family’s tastes and preferences.

To get your recipes and the exact process to create the tasty ice cream from your home kitchen you will need to subscribe for updates to this Kitchen Gadget Genie Blog…….but don’t worry!

This is one of those fun websites.  No high pressure to do anything here except read great kitchen reviews, enjoy products for your kitchen and take advantage of plenty of great recipes straight from Ramona’s Kitchen.

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