A pumpkin scraper?

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Ultimate multi-gadget?

Ice Cream Spade getting rave reviews

Yes, we have a popular product that is selling well in our Amazon page.  It’s called The World’s Favorite Ice Cream Spade.  It’s getting more popular than ever on Amazon and Ice Cream Spade Pumpkin Scrapersome of the uses cooks across America are finding for this talented multi-use kitchen gadget amaze us too!

‘Course, we use it to scoop hard frozen ice cream, but as this reviewer wrote, it’s a great multi-purpose kitchen tool.  Could it even be used as a pumpkin scraper around Halloween time?

One review brought up a use that is just so timely right now.

Spade Review

Just in case you can’t read the review, here is what she said:  “Fits well in my hand, large scoop makes the job easier This is a multi-purpose instrument in my home I like to cook a lot of squash, this does the job fast getting the pulp out And even water melon! believe it or not I just cut in Half and scoop it out. This was a good buy for my home.”

You can go here to learn more about the Kitchen Gadget Genie Ice Cream Spade

I guess a pumpkin is just a larger squash isn’t it?

FINAL_mock upAnd the Kitchen Gadget Genie Ice Cream Spade has a large flat spade-like scooper than not only works good for ice cream, but apparently it also works good for scooping squash, frozen salads, Thanksgiving dressing, and much more.

It’s got a soft grip handle that is easy on the hands and wrist and it is built with quality.

We have hopes it will be The World’s Favorite Ice Cream Spade.  And how about that attractive box.  This is a great gift idea…..and you know Christmas is coming….

Is it a good pumpkin scraper?  We say yes!

I’m Ramona out scraping this year’s pumpkin,
Your Kitchen Gadget Genie








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